Psychological assessments are a starting point in terms of identifying a learner’s strengths and weaknesses. Thus allowing us, as psychologists, to provide holistic support by working collaboratively with parents, teachers and other significant role players. We offer the following psychological tests and assessments:






Psycho-educational assessments are comprehensive and holistic evaluations of an individual’s current cognitive, academic and emotional functioning. Areas that may be assessed include:


Cognitive (IQ) Assessments | Academic Potential | Emotional | Neurodevelopmental | Concentration | Auditory Discrimination Screening | Visual-Motor Integration Screening



Subject Choice and/or Career Guidance

The purpose of a subject choice and/or career assessment is to support an individual in the discovery and exploration of potential study and career opportunities. The assessment is subsequently aimed at integrating abilities, personality and interests to facilitate their journey into promising future vocations. The main aspects that are considered are as follows:


Aptitude Testing | Personality Assessment | Interests | Study Habits and Attitudes | Values




There are times when a comprehensive psycho-educational assessment is not indicated but rather a specific concern regarding scholastic performance. Depending on the specific concern, the areas that may be assessed include:


Reading | Written Language | Spelling | Mathematics | Oral Expression | Dyslexia Screening



Concessions and Accommodations

The examination board allows a variety of concessional arrangements for learners with specific learning difficulties if diagnosed and recommended by an Educational Psychologist. The type of concessions will very much depend on the results of the testing. The aim is to allow, as far as possible, a fair and equal opportunity for the learner to perform academically, without giving them unfair advantage. We accommodate for both:


GDE Concessional Assessments | IEB Concessional Assessments



School Readiness

School Readiness assessments are a sub-test of psycho-educational assessments and are recommended during the Grade R year. It assesses whether any developmental delays are present, or identifying areas that may need to be worked on to help the child better transition into formal schooling. Areas that may be assessed include:


Cognitive (IQ) Assessments | Visual Perception | Auditory Perception | Spatial Orientation | Number Concept | Social and Emotional Development | Motor Co-ordination | Developmental Delays




Emotional assessments provide insight into an individual’s experience of their environment and their interpersonal relationships, as well as feelings about themselves. Emotional assessments are done in conjunction with the history and the observations made at the time of the assessment. It should be noted that these feelings are not fixed over time, but rather a subjective glimpse into the perception/s of the individual. For the social-emotional screening, the following areas are evaluated:


Emotional Intelligence | Self-Concept | Self-Confidence | Self-Esteem | Social Perception | Social Skills | Family Dynamics | School Perceptions | Emotional Inner World

Therapeutic Interventions

Therapeutic Services

Our therapeutic services at Mind + Me encourage an environment of support and growth. We provide professional and confidential counselling and therapeutic services for personal, social, familial and other areas of concern. Our therapeutic services include:



Therapeutic Services



Psychotherapy | Child/Play Therapy | Adolescent Therapy | Adult Therapy | Family Therapy | Couples Counselling | Parental Guidance and Support | Behavioural Concerns | Worry, Anxiety and Stress | Depression and other Mood Disorders | Trauma Debriefing | Grief Counselling | Self-Development and Growth | Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) | Mindfulness and Relaxation | Hypnotherapy | Study Skills | Social Skills and Bullying | Self-Esteem and Confidence Building

School Support

School Support

At Mind + Me we strive not only to work within a personal capacity, but additionally to work in partnership with schools. Support can be tailored to meet the needs of each school or setting. Our services include:





Parent and Teacher Support | Policy advisement and development | Needs analysis and workshop development | Social skills development | Learning support | Trauma debriefing | Group Assessments | School Readiness | Subject Choice | Career Guidance

Workshops and Training

Workshops & Training

Specifically tailored workshops are also provided. We evaluate the needs of our clients and develop workshops and provide necessary training. A few of the areas that we may be able to assist in are:





Bullying | Substance Abuse | Study Skills | Coping with Exam Stress | Grade 11 and 12 Motivational talks | Resisting peer pressure | Playing it safe (Safe sex/ Abstinence, HIV awareness) | The identification of learning difficulties and effective strategies to implement in the classroom setting | Coping with behavior difficulties in the classroom | Parent and/or teacher Support
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